Level One


51 Days in Battlefield

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Episode 101  –  Resins


Episode 102 –  May Day

Episode 103 –  Final Preparations

Episode 104 –  Orientation

Episode 105 –  Sremon at Pulpit Rock

Episode 106 –  Realtor’s Daughter

Episode 107 –  Flag Store

Episode 108 –  The Resilient Stain

Episode 109 –  Moments in Time

Episode 110 – Soul Searching

Episode 111 –  Quest

Episode 112 –  Scout

Finale113 –  Storage Unit



Monday: Brain Army

A discussion about news and current events, from the 51 Days perspective.

Tuesday: Brownstriper

A summary of recent events occurring on 51 Days in Battlefield 

Saturday:  Show Time

Live read of the latest episode

Contact Us:  eBOLT.LLC@gmail.com

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