51 Days


51 days in Battlefield

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From the fourth preliminary draft, 35th revised edition:

In a contaminated world fraught with chaos and unrest, chock full of radioactive “tech monsters”, super-narcotics, and violence, there is a sanctuary in the mountains of Battlefield, Colorado.  At a converted rehabilitation clinic, the popular internet stream 51 Days is coming to Battlefield, Colorado to film Season 17.

The remote set is plush and absurd in its provisions.  In stark contrast to a world beset by disease, crime, and metamorphosis, former co-producer and Season 17 challenger Erick Bolton has been working for months to build the best refuge imaginable.  This includes recruiting world-class personnel, fortifying arms, stockpiling supplies, and figuring a way to defend this safe-haven during the airing of the show.

Battlefield, once the last bastion of hope, is saturated in violence, chaos, and disease- particularly on the south side of town, where Jackson Dale is from. Around Bott Avenue, there is complete societal breakdown.

The North part of town is terrifying, if not more manageable than the south end.  Out West are the mountain highlands, and to the East, well, that is where the Resurrection is coming from (not much left out there).  At an intersection South of town, Jackson Dale earns a living out of his mobile repair unit.

Within the city limits are South Denton Community College, the Municipal Baseball Stadium, and the Downtown region.  All of which make fine targets for an advancing army of resurrected.

Yet the people of Battlefield, and the challengers on 51 Days, are resolute. They refuse to hide.  They refuse to give in to this form of occupation



Episode 1:  51 Days in Battlefield

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