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CZV Non-Eternal

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[CZV Non-Eternal]

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

After The Resurrection and The Anomaly there was bound to be a contrasting element that would surface to counteract such a sweeping and practically weaponized train of thought. Carnate was dangerous in many people’s minds, those as of yet still unafflicted by the spread of extended life.  The balancing measure was developed in a makeshift laboratory at The Facility, tested on primates and eventually trial tested on terminally ill human subjects.

What they found was that the fifth variation of Class Z anti-virus could stop Carnate in it’s tracks, so to say.  Beyond that, including long-term side effects and life-altering biological shifts that sprung up later, not much was known.  To the people those didn’t matter.  The priority was defending against Carnate, and CZV did that.

Once that had been determined, Erick was the one capable of manufacturing and distributing CZV most effectively and efficiently.    It was all hands on deck and by any means necessary.  Get this out there quick fast and in a hurry.  Package it not as a “cure” but as an alternative medicine.  The word immunization was tossed around but the medical team didn’t feel it was accurate.

Over time the test subjects developed tolerance and the dosages had to be increased to near toxic levels.  This was problematic, obviously.  The saving grace was that offspring were CZV positive from birth, with levels that didn’t follow the pattern of regression.  These offspring became known as non-eternals, and that became the redirected priority:  match as many CZV positives together and begin reproducing non-eternals en masse.

This would set the stage for the ongoing battle that we are faced with today.  Carnate and it’s constant modifications against the reproductive rate of non-eternals.  It’s like the order of natural selection has undergone a reboot, though neither side would be seen as truly “natural”.